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meHi Ladies! My name is Robin. I pray you are well and will find this website to be a resource of even greater wellness . Aging certainly has it’s challenges, but I know one of the best ways to meet those challenges is together.

I am a 59 year old grandmother and letter carrier with the USPS. I am all set to retire at the end of August (2016) and that certainly adds to my challenges! However, I am SO up to face them as I do not want to deliver mail in another New England winter!

I recently received my Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology – Life Coaching. I decided that coaching women over 50 is where my heart lies.

I lost my Mom three years ago to dementia related issues, smoking issues, will to live issues and general aging issues. I realized that an aging woman has choices to make. It’s up to her how she will spend her years, even if things happen that are out of her control. I miss my Mom. I learned so much from her. Her humor, wittiness, ability to tell it like it is…She lived out her life the way she wanted; and even though her decisions pained me in many ways, I would love the chance to hug her once again, laugh with her once again. Sometimes, for whatever reason, we do not, cannot, will not make the choices that deep down we really would like to make… choices that we know would improve our quality of life and the lives of those around us.

A Life Coach may be able to help in these situations. Sometimes we just need someone to ask the right questions to help us get past the obstacles that hinder us from living the life we really desire.

Feel free to contact me any time at robin@womenover50thrive.com



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