I will be submitting an AudiobooksNow and Amazon Audible Review just below for your consideration.

We need to afford ourselves some time apart from the demands of life and relax. That looks different for each of us. One woman’s way to relax might be sailing over cliffs and ocean strapped in a hand glider, while the same woman might be having an anxiety attack just sitting around by the pool.

We are all so different. The important thing is to know what relaxes you and make sure you make time for it in your day. Let’s take a look at reading, or then again, listening….

AudiobooksNow Review and Amazon Audible Review

Ok… I am providing you with an AudiobooksNow review, and an Amazon Audible review. I’ll compare both of the programs and let you decide which is the best deal for you. At the end of the review, I will show you what it looks like to buy the top four books from the New York Times Audible Best Seller List.

AudiobooksNow - Digital Audiobooks for LessAudiobooksNow gives you a Free 30-day Trial. With the trial, your regular $5-a-month membership fee is waived, and you get full benefits: 50% off your first audiobook and sale price (up to 40% off ) for the rest of the month.

Audible (Amazon’s audiobook club) also gives you a Free 30-day Trial and adds 2 free audiobooks (with the link below). After the 30 days your fee is $14.95 a month, which entitles you to an audiobook of your choice, plus 30% savings on other selections.

The Top 4 Audiobooks on the NY Times Best Seller List Are:

The Gangster –                                AudiobooksNow/$22.50/$15.75/$11.25


All the Light We Can Not See –    AudiobooksNow/$23.99/$16.79/$12.00


The Girl On The Train –                 AudiobooksNow/$20.00/$14.00/$10.00


The Nightingale –                           AudiobooksNow/$26.99/$18.89/$13.50


For AudiobooksNow, the first price is their regular price, the second is their sale price, and the third is their club price. Amazon puts out their regular price, with an option to get the book FOR FREE with their trial offer. Here you will get 2 free books. On their site, only 1. 



If you buy the books during the trial offer, you will pay $60.04 with AudiobooksNow and with Audible, you will pay $37.91. After the 30 days, if you were to buy the same four books again, with AudiobooksNow you would pay $5 membership + 13.50+ 15.75 + 16.79 + 14.00 totaling $65.04. With Audible you will pay $14.95 membership + 0 + 19.60 + 15.87 + 22.04 totaling $72.46.

There is one other neat plan with AudiobooksNow. It is called their 50% Off 12 Club Plan and it is $36 (Renewable). The first 12 audiobooks you purchase through this plan will be 50% off, then you will receive the normal Club Price (between 25-40% off). You can purchase all 12 audiobooks whenever you’d like and renew the plan as often as you’d like. The 50% Off 12 audiobooks plan can be renewed when you run out of your 50% discounts.

That seems like the deal if you read a lot! So you pay $36 up front and get 12 books at 50% off. $36/12 is $3 each book. If you bought those four books again under this plan, they would cost 12.00 + 11.25 + 12.00 + 10.00 + 13.50 totaling $58.75.

I hope this information is useful to you. I did the math for you and you can decide. They are both good programs. If you belong to Amazon Prime, you may even get a better deal with Audible. Either way… Relax, Read, and

Thrive! OK?! …. Robin



  1. Tanya Z

    I just love audio books. It is much easier to listen to a book instead of spending a huge amount of time reading them. Unfortunatelly not every book is avialable in audio format. I am looking for a good audio book now, so you really got my interest . Moreover, people have many eye problems because they spend too much time reading. Thx

    • Robin

      Audiobooks are a good choice for some people. I used to have a long commute, and would listen to a book while I drove. Both of the clubs I reviewed have a good selection, but I agree that you can’t get every title. Thanks for stopping by Tanya. Happy Listening!

  2. Heather

    Hi Robin,

    Audio books are becoming more popular as lives speed up and people are looking for ways to multi-task. I’m not sure whether this is such a good thing though! 🙂

    I can get audio books from my local library and it is a good source, but Audiobooks looks like an excellent source.

    Exercise for women over 50 is right up my alley, so I thank you for your wonderful website.

    Warmly, Heather 🙂

    • Robin

      I know what you mean about wondering if it being a good thing or not. I used to feel the same way about the calculator, computer and cell phones 🙂 I had long trips to work at one point and really got to listen to some good books while driving. It made the commute feel a little productive for me being able to listen to other people’s journeys. Thanks for looking in Heather!

  3. Andrea

    Audio-books are the base of my education, i can and learn while i am driving, walking , working in the garden, while walking with my dogs and even while i am cooking.

    The one about exercises of women over 50 sound interesting and educational, i wonder if there is an Italian version, pity my mum can’t understand English.

    • Robin

      I’m curious as to how you get your audio-books. I provided two reviews as you know, but I really want to give my readers their best options. I know going to the library is the cheapest way, but not always convenient… Thanks Andrea!

  4. Bimmerguy

    My mother has been having trouble getting an exercise routine down for quite some time. Your page has a lot of great information on it that I believe she can benefit from. I’m going to show her these NY best selling books. Hopefully she’ll pick one of them up and it’ll help jump start her exercising regimen. I’ve bookmarked your site. Thanks so much for the great information. Keep up the wonderful writing!!!

    • Robin

      Thanks so much for stopping by. I’m glad you found some information for your mom to use. That is my hope for the site. Have your mom say hello when she stops by OK? Take Care

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