How to Improve Your Memory and Increase Your Brain Health

How to Improve Your Memory and Increase Your Brain Health

I have read quite a bit of information pertaining to brain health, memory loss, and memory enhancement. I am going to list a general consensus of the top 5 ways to improve your memory and increase your brain health. These are confirmed by the Alzheimer’s Assoc., Psychology Today, and the AARP. They are in no particular order.

Healthy Diet



improve your memory

 Social Engagement

  Keeping Your Brain Active


Wherever you turn these days, there is a new diet being advertised. I am not going to advertise one here! Instead, I am going to appeal to what you already know. But please remember that a healthy diet rich in Omega 3’s is one of the best ways to increase memory and improve brain function.

  • Fruits and vegetables are tops.improve your memory
  • Whole grains, seeds, and nuts (easy on the nuts) are healthy.
  • Fish and poultry (mostly) and lean meats (occasionally) in 4 oz. portions are great protein sources.
  • Healthy fats like olive & coconut oil and organic butter (sparingly) are good.
  • A fish (krill) oil supplement is recommended to improve your memory. See my pick here.
  • NO soda! (One of the worst things to put into your body) regular OR diet.
  • Fried foods, chips, candy, alcohol – you know the list – are not good for you. ONCE in a WHILE in tiny doses if you must.


improve your memoryWe know this right? It’s a must ladies and it doesn’t have to be hard. I mean, did you read my blog on Laughter? It’s exercise!! That’s right. Anyway, you have to find something you enjoy that engages your body. Walking, gardening, yoga, cycling etc. are a few examples. It is particularly beneficial to get your heart rate up a bit because it increases blood flow to the brain. Brain health is what we want here right?

SLEEPimprove your memory

Your body rejuvenates while you sleep, and this includes your brain.

Your brain ‘resets’ while you sleep, allowing you to gain fresh insight

into problems and increasing your creativity. Your memory is

enhanced, even by just 4 to 6 hours of good, sound sleep. Sleep tight!


improve your memoryIt is good for your brain for you to be involved with other people.

Volunteering brings feelings of happiness and well-being, increasing

brain health. Social activities are linked to reduced risk for some

health problems, including dementia.



There are many ways to keep your brain active. One way is to continue learning. This is

high on the list of increasing brain health. Finishing your degree, taking a class, reading a

book, attending a seminar etc. are just a few examples. Here are some courses that may

interest you.

Remember girls, a little change can make a big difference! 

Thrive! OK? ….. Robin


  1. Rosanne

    For diet, I’d like to share some plant foods that might help.

    Lion’s mane mushroom and ginkgo are great brain foods. Lion’s mane mushroom actually helps you to rebuild and maintain the wiring inside. I get dried lion’s mane mushroom from traditional Chinese medicine shops and cook a chicken soup with it. But it’s not common in some places I think?

    There are products out there that contain these plant foods, maybe those interested can Google for them.

    • Robin

      Hi Rosanne! Thanks for your suggestions and I’m interested in lion’s mane mushroom. I’ve never heard of it before and I am a huge mushroom fan! Take care and thanks for commenting…

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