Income Possibilities for Women Over 50


I have been looking at income possibilities because getting ready for retirement has opened up a whole new world! My pension from the USPS will not provide me with enough income to do everything I would like to do in this life. Looking back, there are definitely things I would have done differently! But, hey! … [Read more…]


Hi Ladies! I am so glad you decided to stop by for a visit! My desire is to provide a place for you to visit  for encouragement, recommendations, insight, laughter, venting and well… everything an over-50 woman would be blessed by. Please leave a comment, let me know what you’d like to see, and check out my … [Read more…]

Just for Laughs

Three Over50 women were having lunch together in one of their homes. One confesses, “I was half-way up the stairs the other day, and I couldn’t remember if I was going up or down!” The other ladies laugh and one counters, “I know what you mean. I was standing in front of the refrigerator yesterday … [Read more…]

My Mother Had Alzheimer’s…

“C’mon!” My girlfriend pleaded with the car in front of her. Then she noticed it was an elderly couple. “My friend at work calls them Q-Tips,” she said with a laugh. “Little white heads sticking up barely over the seat. “They shouldn’t be driving.” I didn’t chuckle, agree, or disagree. All I could do is … [Read more…]